Cold Drink

Why you should Not Drink Cold Drink?

The world is progressing at a great pace and our lifestyles are also rapidly changing. The fast paced life, tight work schedules, less time for self and more time for work have led us to focus less on our dietary habits and more on earning money. Getting more work done in less time, and then asking for more work just to increase our profits, salary and perks. This approach towards work-life balance has led to a surge in consumption of high calorie food and drinks resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle and improper food habits. The result of such habits is that our body has become a breeding ground for a plethora of diseases. Diseases like heart attacks, bone density reduction, diabetes, and blood pressure and so on all are a result of consuming unhealthy or junk food. Adding to this the major catalyst that destroys one’s health is the intake of beverages made from soda or carbonated drinks. The sugar content, caffeine and soda used in manufacturing these soft drinks harm our body to a great extent. It gets us hooked onto them and we go on with this without realizing that we are actually inviting diseases to come to us.


Cold drink; does it really affect us?

We may argue over the fact that a soft drink was invented on the premise of serving as an energy drink but that was lost long ago. Nowadays, aerated drinks are serving the purpose of being the alternate drink in search of replacing water. The main cause of obesity can be attributed to these soft drinks. Approximately, around (30-35) % people died due to obesity and heart failure in 2021. 1 in 20 people are overweight taking the world population as a base. The consumption of cold drinks is not only limited to this. The problem is so deep that babies are affected by the consumption of cold drinks by their mothers. Cold drink contains harmful chemicals and the way it is treated with pesticides is also a source of breeding cancer in our bodies. This is not the end. The number of deaths due to consumption of cold drinks also has a toll on the economies of nations. The economies have been facing the brunt due to the deaths as a result of obesity, which is mainly caused because of the high sugar content in cold drinks. The Asia-Pacific region is supposed to have lost $173 billion as a result of obesity thus, reducing productivity and national income. Weakening of bones, dental problems, common instances of diabetes, over-weight and mental issues have become common in our children who we look up to as the future of our nations.