Tilia Estate


- In the year 1974, father Silvester plants 1500 vines of Merlot variety, with intention of connecting his three sons, living in a town, with nature and bring them up with a sense for working habits. One of them is Matjaž.
- 1987 Matjaž Lemut in the second year of Ljubljana University and department for agronomy, is during summer assigned practice on a vine-growing farm ZAHNER in Switzerland.
- In the years 88, 89, 90, there are continuous practices for one or two months, in the time of winter cutting, summer work and harvest.
- In the year 88 Melita (today his wife) joins in on those practices.
- Melita and Matjaž spend the summer and autumn of 1990 together in a cellar Raymond California.
- In December 1990, now being absolvents, they decide to buy an estate without any vineyards in a home land of Vipava valley. (3 ha of land and a wrecked house). They decide for a life in the countryside.
- In spring 1997, wines with a trading mark TILIA enter the market - fresh white wines.
- In 2000 first aged red wines; Rubido and Pinot Noir arrive on the market. ZLATA TILIA (TILIA GOLD) is created.
- In 2001 their wines are exported to USA for the first time, and can be found in the restaurant of the UNO Americans name the fresh white wines with a yellow label SUNSHINE TILIA
- In 2006, French barrels are used in the production of Pinot noir for the first time. Jancis Robinson visits.
- In 2008 they build a new barrique cellar with a capacity of 500 barrels. An agreement about co-existence is achieved with TILIA Mendoza (Bodegas Esmeralda) and TILIA ESTATE Vipava valley is formed. Tom Stevensen visits and proclaims Pinot noir 2006 to be the greatest red wine he has tasted in Slovenia. Melita enrols for a ph degree.
- In 2010, their wines are exported to USA for the tenth time and Pinot gris is declared to be the best-selling gastronomic Pinot Gris in Slovenia. They bottle their first harvest of REBULA GRACE 2008 made by traditional way of skin contact fermentation of white grape.

In 2014 , the new story of three level of pinot noir is coming

on the market

In February 2014 Melita obtained her Ph.D. degree in Environmental Sciences at University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

The title of her doctoral thesis was: Canopy microclimate manipulation in the sustainable management of 'Pinot noir' vineyard in the Vipava valley.